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"Ghost" Coolness Level: Extrrreeeme!!! If you’re looking for a Korean  crime/investigative TV drama, this is it… not much romance or love story to offer but Team Leader Kwon Hyuk-joo (Kwak Do-won) and Reporter Choi Seung-yeon (Song Ha-yoon) gave me just enough in the end. ^^ Team Leader Kwon & Reporter Choi

Love to have the gadgets they used in this drama, particularly the Samsung Galaxy SIII phone and the Samsung NX 1000 DSLR! :)

Galaxy SIII & NX 1000

Rainy + Sunny = lots & lotsa ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ^♥^

Heeyun is officially a KimSunAddict. Just for her, I dared to cross an absolutely different territory and joined me2day… it doesn’t matter if I don’t understand the strange characters I’m seeing there, hehe.

(Are there other KimSunAddicts here on tumblr, please let me know, I’d love to follow you! ^^)

I started to adore her in I Do, I Do, which ended just recently… so I watched Scent of a Woman, loved her even more… definitely can’t stop there just yet, I’m currently watching My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, and now I’m just completely blown away by her awesome charm & talent. I’m planning to watch City Hall next, I heard a great deal about it as well. ^♥^

"Big" Episode 13. Caught at 10:10.  Da-ran gave Kyung-joon a watch as a birthday gift. KKJ kiddingly placed GDR in some sort of a trance that whenever 10:10 strikes in the clock, she will think of him. Love it!

I ♥ these scenes (scaps) … and I’m not gonna let the sad ending of this episode ruin it for me. ^♥^

KKJ: I wonder what time it is?
GDR: 10:10.
KKJ: No it’s not.
GDR: It’s just that … for me, it was 10:10 all day long.


I somehow feel bad for Ma-ri (don’t worry Suzy, everyone loves you, including me!) … Go for Choong-sik, he’s crazy over you! Hehe! ^^

"Scent of a Woman" Episode 3. Let’s Have Some Fun! Just a few scaps in this episode that gave me a good laugh! Heehee!

Photo #1 : Nuh-uh! This woman’s make up is not strange at all! :P

Photo #2 : Alright, diagnose patients with cancer, then tell them not to take anymore medications ‘cause it’s useless, they’re going to die anyway. If you don’t believe me, read it in this book "Clionical Neurrology". :B

[ Click the photo to see a bigger picture. :) ]

"Scent of a Woman" Episode 3. The Other Side of Kim Sun-ah. I initially knew her as Hwang Ji-ahn of "I Do, I Do" and I adore her there … which is the reason I also started watching this kdrama (more especially that Lee Dong-wook is in it too).

I’m seeing a totally different (weirdo) side of her acting here & I find my self still loving her. Less the elegance of her short hair and all the glamorous outfits, she nonetheless managed to be so adorable as Lee Yeon-jae! ♥ ♥ ♥

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